The New Five Pound Note

Make Money Online With ‘The Five Pound Project’

There are many ways to make money online and here’s a variation on the 1 Dollar Project which although requires a little more work and investment, can be just as profitable and generate a huge income on a regular basis.

I first saw a version of this business idea in the early 1980’s when I received a letter by mail from an unknown source.

The letter contained instructions in full detail on how to earn many thousands of pounds by running a mail order company selling a set of 4 publications which were obtainable for only one pound each with full rights to copy and resell them.

At first after reading the letter several times, I was very skeptical about this kind of business but after hesitating for several weeks, I decided to give it a try. In those days there was no internet or online payment system and everything had to be done using cash and conventional mail.

I had 100 letters copied and sent out with the same instructions stated in the original letter. I then sent a one pound coin to each of 4 addresses listed to obtain a publication that I could copy or print and with full rights to resell.

After absolutely no response from my first mailing I could only put it down to the fact that I was sending to the wrong kind of people. I had simply picked out names and addresses at random using a national telephone directory.

After this first failure I became determined not to give up and over several months I had invested around 1000 pounds on the project. The main expenditure was on postage and printing and a more expensive mailing list which eventually paid off.

Within two years I had paid off any loans and the mortgage on my house and had no debts to worry about.

I sold my house for a small profit and traveled around the world in search of something new.

These days the project which still works can be operated at a much lower cost thanks to the internet and email and with very high earning potential.

I am currently living abroad and enjoying a very luxurious lifestyle which could never have been possible without this program.

Make money online! Make money online! Make money online!

I hope, like me you eventually decide to give it a try, Let’s face it 5 pounds is not a great amount to invest so you really have nothing to lose. You will only have to spend time on the project when the payments start to arrive in your Paypal account and believe me they will!

The majority of your duties will be to process each order and make sure that the customer receives the correct product.

Make Money Online. Here’s How it Works.

Listed below on this page are 5 email addresses. All you have to do is open a Paypal account (if you don’t already have one) and send a payment of One Pound to each address using the send money link in your account. Just enter the first email address on the list in the ‘Send money to’ box as shown in the example below:

Send Money to the email recipient. Make money online.

Click ‘Next’ and on the next page select ‘Paying for an item or service’

What's this payment for? Make money online.On the next page you will be asked ‘How do you want to pay?’ Depending on your type of Paypal account, you may have several options here if you have added bank accounts and/or credit cards as an alternative means of payment. In most cases you should select ‘Paypal balance and click on ‘Next’ as below:

How do you want to pay? Make money online.

On the last screen you will need to enter the payment amount which in each case will be 1 Pound (GBP). Most important at this stage is to enter the name of the e-book that you wish to order. Choose a different one from the list for each email address until you have ordered all 5 publications.

In the reason for payment simply put “Please send me ‘—REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH ONE TITLE FROM THE LIST OF PUBLICATIONS BELOW—-‘.”

1 .Daily Money Motivator
2. Home Biz Hound
3. Making Money Online Made Easy
4. Online Profit Streams
5. Picking Your Product

Finally click on the ‘Send Money Now’ button in your Paypal account. There is no need to enter an address as the books will be sent via email to your address as an attachment from each subscriber.

Send Money Now. Make money online.

From each address you must order one of the following publications with your 1 pound payment:

1 .Daily Money Motivator
2. Home Biz Hound
3. Making Money Online Made Easy
4. Online Profit Streams
5. Picking Your Product

Now sit back and wait for your books to be delivered to your inbox. This should not take more than 24 hours. If for any reason, you do not receive any one of the books, simply send an email to the subscriber to find out why there is any delay.

You will start to make money online within a few weeks.

From each email address that you have just sent your payment of one pound to, you will receive the  ebooks as pdf files including full resell rights so you can then send them to your own subscribers once you have received payment.

What happens next?

Your next task is to copy the entire text in this article and remove the email at the number 1 position,  replace the remaining 2,3,4 & 5 positions to 1,2,3 & 4 respectively and add your own email address to the bottom of the list at number 5.


Here is the current subscriber list:



Your updated version should look like this:



The Final Stage to Make Money Online

All you must do to make money online now is send your own copy of this article to as many people as you can. You can either send to your contact list or a list of email addresses which can be purchased online from mailing list brokers.

Here are some links which you might find useful:



Data Broker

There is no limit to the amount of customers that you can send the email to but please do not send spam. Only use reputable lists of subscribers. This is important as you could get blacklisted by your email provider for sending unsolicited mail. You could also copy this article and place the whole text on your own website as I have done here. There is no copyright and you are free to copy the whole system as you wish.

As you receive the payments via your own Paypal account for the ebooks, you must make sure that you send each subscriber the publication requested within 24 hours. This is easily sent as an attachment with an email to the address that is provided with the payment. If you cannot send within the time limit you will need to email the customer with an explanation. DO NOT fail to do this as the whole system will not work if you miss out any of the stages in the program.